Obstacle Rules


Age Class


Breaking Technique

7 and UnderAllFront Kick or Push Kick (Hand technique allowed)
8-9AllFront Kick or Push Kick only
10-11AllFront Kick or Push Kick only

Rules: For competitors ages 11 and under only. Up to 4 contestants will compete in each division. The course consists of scrambling through tubes, jumping over a series of objects, breaking a demo board with hand or foot, and returning to the finish line while timed.

1 demonstration board per competitor will be provided by Tiger Claw. Each participant will be allowed a practice run for each course and will be evaluated on the second run.

If a component of the obstacle is skipped or “unsuccessful” (i.e. participant steps on or falls over obstacle) participant is immediately deducted in overall points.

A run with accurate and successful completion of all obstacles will result in higher points than a run completed in faster time with unsuccessful overcoming of obstacles. Board must be broken for a run to be considered “successful”.

Award: Trophies awarded to all participants.

NOTE:  The tournament director has the option to modify the rules if necessary.